What Should I Write? – The Inspiration

Finding inspiration to write is difficult. You think as hard as you can, but can’t get the words that your brain desperately wants to let out. You look so hard to find what you want to write, and you end up leaving the blank page that sits in front of you. Looking for inspiration in itself is difficult. But after thinking about it, you learn that inspiration isn’t something you can find. Inspiration for writing is something that finds you. It may come from a person, a thing, or an event. It can come from anything really. All it takes from you is to be patient. You must take back all of your thoughts that you wasted on finding the inspiration. When you wait, you will find the gift God has given you; the gift to write and share your thoughts and opinions to others. But inspiration for writing doesn’t come quick enough for you, doesn’t it? You stress yourself out instead, making writing harder for you. But that is why you should wait. Someday, the light-bulb that sits in your head will click.


New Series – What should I Write?

This is a common question I come to every single time I pull up my blog or a Word document so that I can just… you know… write. I usually can write short stories just by looking at something – like a word, phrase, or picture. An idea pops into my head every single time. I then clumsily press my fingers onto the keyboard, throwing the words onto my computer screen. But as I write, I find it harder and harder to keep with the original idea, and eventually I get off course. I lose control of the story and it becomes nothing.
But of course, writing is writing. No matter how stupid it sounds, it comes from my imagination, and crazy can be good at times. But what happens if I want to write something decent? What if I don’t want it to sound stupid or crazy? How do I solve these problems that come to my writing? I know it has nothing to do with Writer’s Block – cause it doesn’t exist. Writer’s Block is just something our minds make up, making us incapable of writing any further. So what should I write? What should I write that can make a difference? Can I write something that can do that?

I am going to make a “series” of blog posts that will pretty much add onto or be related to this one. I need to be more active with my blog, as I haven’t posted much of anything lately.

The Door

Today in my Creative Writing class, we looked at pictures, wrote stories about them, and shared with the class. This particular one was requested (by my teacher) to be a poem, and I thought it interesting enough to share.

Door, oh door.
How you open to thee
you seem to adore
The hand that’s on me

When I try to open you
To see what’s inside
All I see is the blue
And clouds in the sky

So when I looked down
To walk on the floor
There is nothing around
But you door

Can anyone guess what the ending suggests?

April 1: Weekly Writing Challenge

Today’s weekly writing challenge is:


Remember, start writing WHATEVER comes to your mind first! Be as creative as you want!
Tag “creativewwc” in your blog post!
Minimum paragraph requirement is 6 paragraphs. Feel free to write as much as you want.

You can add your own challenge ideas in the “Writing Challenge” tab at the top of the page.

Go, go, go!

New Weekly Short Story Writing Challenge

I have decided to make some sort of writing challenge that I myself will participate in. I will have you – the viewers – send in a few topics that you think will be good to use for these challenges. I will then label them and draw them out of a basket or something; then whatever comes out that will be the weekly challenge.

A topic idea can be a few sentences, or just one word. Anything will do.

Then, whenever somebody participates, they will send in their story. I am not sure what I would do from there, but this is just something fun to do in your spare time. I may just make some tag that you will put your posts under. Comment if you have any ideas.

These “short stories” are good practices for writing. Whatever comes to your mind first should be what you write about. It’s basically something to help expand the creative side of your brain. I will make a minimum paragraph/word requirement so everyone has a goal to aim for when writing these stories.

Please Note: Anything inappropriate or extremely vulgar will not be counted. Also please refrain from spamming.