“Where I’m From” – A Poem

I am from creativity
for I was created in a unique way.
I am from the writer inside me
who likes to spread his wings and fly away.
I am from the music
where my heart drums a song,
with the fingers that pick and strum
and my voice sings along.

I am from the Lamb.
For He sacrificed Himself for me,
with love and blood,
and peace and humility.

I am from Love.
For Love came down
and rescued me.
For Love came down
and set me free.

I came into this world with Love.
And Love come with me when I leave.


This poem is actually my most recent English assignment. We had to read the poem, “Where I’m From,” by George Ella Lyon, and make our own version of that poem.


Music is Life

Life is like music

Travels from ear to ear

So that you can hear The beauty of it.

Tells the mind

That you just have to


And as well to be


For when you listen to the music

You learn the music

And there is no more silence

As you have learned the music

You sing with the music

And therefore you know the music

You know what it means to live