“The Picnic Game”

**Edit 8/6/2015**

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Today, I learned about this game that puts your mind to the test. It is called the Picnic Game. This game is really great for long car rides or just to have fun.

All you really have to do is solve the riddle that one person put’s into their sentence. To make more sense, if I were to say, “I’m going on a picnic, and I am bringing Raspberries and a Guitar,” everybody who is playing has to catch the pattern that I used by asking what they can bring.

So let’s say your name is John Smith, and you ask, “Can I bring Superman and Jelly Beans,” I will tell you that you can not bring Superman and Jelly Beans, but then I can say (I don’t have to) that you can bring Jelly Beans and Superman. Or you can ask, “Can I bring the Jeans and a Baby,” I would say something like, “You can bring Jeans but not a baby.” Or if you ask, “Can I bring Honey and Sugar,” I will say, “You can’t bring honey but you can bring sugar.”

Think about this, and see if you can solve the riddle BEFORE reading the answer below….

Did you catch the riddle yet?

Are you sure?

Do you REALLY want to know?

Alright, if you did not cheat and came down here to see if you were correct… well I guess I can tell you that the riddle is your First and Last Names! My name is Ryan Gibson by the way, so that is were I got the Raspberries and a Guitar from. So if you know a guy with the name, “John Smith,” then he will be able to bring a J and a S. So like Jellybeans and Superman, he can bring Jacob and a Skateboard.

So in conclusion, you can start a game/round by saying, “I’m going on a picnic, and I am bringing .”
Your riddle does not have to be two items in one sentence (it can be as many items as you want, but don’t make it too difficult), and your items can be anything.
Also, you can use “nonverbal moves” in your riddles. So let’s say I have my elbows on the counter/surface, and I say I am bringing Skittles. But when I remove my elbows from the counter/surface, I can no longer bring my Skittles. Why? Because the elbows are the “nonverbal” part of my riddle! You do not have to use nonverbal signs/moves in your riddles.

Making riddles are easy as long as you don’t make it too difficult to figure out. Just because it is obvious to you, doesn’t mean it is to others.
So for the fun of it, let’s do a riddle! Make sure you look at EVERYTHING!

“I am going on a picnic, and I am going to bring Batman.”


I am very sorry for not posting in a while. I haven’t exactly been busy, but after school ended I just decided to relax and stuff. I will try to post more often.