Penmen Project

So, a few weeks ago I decided to join this project on this other blog, The point of it was to make a story; the owner of the blog started off with two sentences, people sent in paragraphs related to the sentences (which was the first two sentences of the paragraph), and people voted on the best paragraph. After the paragraph is chosen, everyone starts to send in paragraphs again, except that they continue the paragraph that won. Round one finished, and I decided to send in a paragraph for round two. Check out this project, it’s interesting! My part of the story is the second paragraph. Hope you guys like it!

I woke up this morning with a strange feeling. I think I had a lucid dream last night or maybe not. I don’t remember everything exactly but I began my normal morning routine still half asleep; take a piss, feed the cat, make coffee and toast. I sat down to partake in my morning coffee ritual when suddenly a cold sweat came over me, the taste of metal… I ran to the toilet and threw up. Except there was something strange… Something metal floating in the bowl… I stood there staring at it, just floating there in the vomit. Trying to remember what I ate. Trying to remember where I was last night, who I was with. Was the dream really just a dream? Then with a quick swoop I grabbed the metal object and rinsed it in the sink. What the hell was it? How’d it get in my body? Then suddenly jolting me out my trance, the phone rang the same time someone urgently starting banging on the door.

I picked up the phone and looked at the contact. Unknown number. The person banged on the door again. A loud voice came out of nowhere, “Police! Come out with your hands in the air where I can see them!” I panicked. What did I do? Should I run or should I stay? The policeman banged on the door again. I picked up my backpack and started going for the back door. Suddenly, the front door was kicked down and then there was footsteps. No time to find out. I grabbed the handle and ran out the back door. A police officer jumped at me but missed by that much. Leaping over the fence, I started running. Running like I never had before. I don’t remember what I did, but I don’t feel like I should stick around to find out. A few seconds later, police sirens filled the air and I still ran. But I never stopped. There were things I didn’t know, or at least thought I didn’t know. I had to find out what was going on.


Facebook Page

Hello everyone! First of all, I would like to say that I am sorry for the absence of posting on my blog. I have been a little… busy I guess I could say. I have been studying for finals, which will finish this week, and so will my Freshman year.

Anyway, I am happy to announce that I have created the official Facebook page for my series, The Kriegerin Brotherhood! Individual pages will eventually be created for all of the books and my Trilogy, The Tales of Camellia, but I am not going to worry about that at this moment.

You can like the page at

Thank you all for reading and keeping up with my writing!

Music is Life

Life is like music

Travels from ear to ear

So that you can hear The beauty of it.

Tells the mind

That you just have to


And as well to be


For when you listen to the music

You learn the music

And there is no more silence

As you have learned the music

You sing with the music

And therefore you know the music

You know what it means to live


Six Word Short Story

This is one of the most powerful pieces of writing I have ever read. And it is only six words! Apparently, Ernest Hemingway and his friends were at a bar, drinking one night. Hemingway, as great of a writer he was (and drunk at that moment), made a bet with his friends. He told them that he could write an entire story in only six words. They laughed at him and told him that it wasn’t possible, but they accepted the bet anyway (probably because they wanted the money). So Hemingway gets a piece of paper, writes down six words, and shows his friends this:

“For sale. Baby shoes. Never worn.”

His friends were shocked, and I am pretty sure it was hard not to cry. So Hemingway (I assume) won the bet.

The reason why this is so powerful is because you can read it and imagine an entire backstory in your head. You don’t know exactly what happened, but you can probably make up an idea. Now, I challenge YOU to write your own six word short story. It can be anything. Below is my own “story.”

“The people screamed. Everyone ran away.”

Good luck!

Green Dress and Tears

Bennie ran down the street. Barefoot, green dress and black hair caught in the wind, never had anyone said anything like that to her. Tears flooded down her eyes, washing the makeup out of her face. The words repeated themselves over many times, “I don’t want to marry you. I don’t want to live with you. And most importantly, I don’t love you.” The tragic event a week before her wedding forced a knife into her soul. Her heart, as it fell into the pit of her stomach, felt beaten and bruised.
She ran and ran and ran, vividly remembering the day he proposed to her. They were on a ferry riding up the river; watching the beautiful city brightening up the night sky, the lights reflecting off the clear water. They were leaning against the rail, pointing out strange things that stood out of the normal crowd. Of course, they were in a foreign country, so everything looked strange to them. Then suddenly, he turned to look at him, but then he wasn’t there. Looking down, she gasped at him on one knee and saying, “Bennie, will you marry me?”
Then came today, almost six months later. They were at a party, and her and her fiancé started to argue in the backroom… it was then he said those awful things. When he showed his true colors. She ran out the door, running with her heals in her hand.
A loud honk filled her ears, and she suddenly came back from the past and looked up to see where the noise came from. Light instantly flooded her eyes and she fell into the cold abyss, floating away from the world and the pain it gives.

The Door

Today in my Creative Writing class, we looked at pictures, wrote stories about them, and shared with the class. This particular one was requested (by my teacher) to be a poem, and I thought it interesting enough to share.

Door, oh door.
How you open to thee
you seem to adore
The hand that’s on me

When I try to open you
To see what’s inside
All I see is the blue
And clouds in the sky

So when I looked down
To walk on the floor
There is nothing around
But you door

Can anyone guess what the ending suggests?

Meet Ella Grace Scarlett! Character Interview

Ella is one of Cam’s best friends.
Hair: Curly blonde
Eye Color: Green
Ella kind of has a bubbly personality, but had one of the highest GPA’s in her schooling years.

Me: Welcome to the show everyone! My name is Ryan, and today I am interviewing Ella Grace Scarlett, one of Camellia’s friends in the novel, The Tales of Camellia! Welcome Ella!

Ella: Thank you for having me!

Me: It is my pleasure! Now, can you tell me how long have you known Cam and how you two met?

Ella: I have known Cam ever since we were little. Our parents have known each other for even longer than that. So pretty much we are stuck with each other until the end.

Me: I love having friendships like that! I have a few similar to yours as well, or at least, so I think. Friendships must be different then than it is now.

Ella: Actually, it may not be too much different. We still have fun and mess around. We still do stupid stuff, like how friends did a lot of that back before the War.

Me: Ah, I guess you may be correct. Well anyways, tell me what you thought after your village was invaded and, and then hearing about Cam’s sister, Violet, being taken?

Ella: Well I have known Violet my entire life, so she was pretty close to me. Of course, she was closer to Cam, but Violet and I had some type of friendship I guess I could say. I felt like she needed to be saved, and I immediately agreed to the task of saving her when I was given the opportunity to go. And about the invasion, I was just shocked. I never killed a human being before, so I found it hard to fight. Of course, I have to get used to that sooner or later, because I may have to do a lot of fighting before we save Violet.

Me: If only I can interview Violet to hear her side of the kidnapping! Speaking of fighting, what kind of weapons do you fight with?

Ella: I am very good at knife throwing! Every year for the past five years, I won the knife throwing contest at the festival. I guess this year would count as six, since I participated in the contest before the invasion! But I may take interest in another weapon soon, because I may need it if I don’t have any more knifes to throw.

Me: I can’t even cut properly with a knife. Thank you, Ella, for being on the show! I can’t wait to see your adventures with Cam and… Cecil is his name, correct? I believe he is joining our show next week!

Ella: Yes, that’s his name. And thank you for having me!

We will now open all questions to the audience (aka, you. To the comment section!)

Judging What You See

As I walk along the sidewalks of my neighborhood, every once in a while I would look not at only the cars driving by, but the people inside the cars. Sometimes, when there are no trees or bushes blocking the sidewalk from the street view, I can’t help but try to hide myself, as I do not like strangers looking at me. Why? Well, for one thing, I decided to ride my brother’s electric scooter, and as a 15 year old who has been confused for a Junior and Senior in high school (and a person who can drive), people don’t find it very attractive (I guess I could say).
So I am sitting at a major intersection right after school has ended for most people, just trying to get to the library so I can get some of my favorite books, the third and fourth editions of Harry Potter. As you probably can imagine, the intersection was pretty crowded, and I couldn’t go all the way up to where the sidewalk meets the road. Instead, I sat there where the bushes can hide myself. The question is, why do I do that? Why do I try to hide myself from the public? I have one idea, and it is instinct. I think about over the years, a teenager’s instinct has changed into something entirely different. With all of the new things and new styles that affect our world today, older generations look down on ours, saying things that might as well be true. I have looked at some things myself to see if I can understand why older generations believe that, and I honestly say that I can only agree to them. Just look at what has changed our world’s point-of-view at things over the past few years. I mean, look at what people believe about homosexuality. Or drugs. Or abortion. Or anything, really. As most of those things really made an impact during our generation, people seem to think that it is our fault.
That is why I hide from the public. Because of what people believe, I hide myself from view of the drivers who pass me along the road. I guess that is why I look into their windows as well. I want to know if they are looking at me; and if they are, I want to know what they are thinking while they are looking at me. I want to know what goes through their minds, even if there is nothing going through at all. I want to know what their stories are. Just so I can understand why they believe what they believe. I just don’t want to be judged, you know?
That is another problem in this world. People judge others based on looks, and not what is in their hearts. That is another reason to hide. Another reason why a teenager’s instincts have changed. They hide wherever they can from the death stares of the people who look down on them, covering their faces like it wasn’t meant to be looked at. They eat their lunches in the school’s bathroom or a teacher’s classroom so that the bullies won’t get to them and ask for their lunch money. People get laughed at, and they shrink down in embarrassment and try to hide themselves from the laughs that throw themselves onto their minds’, making people believe things they shouldn’t.
The eyes of every human being believe in what they see just like the ear’s believe in what they hear. That is why I hide. So people will not look at me and judge me for what they see. But even if I hear what they think about me, I will push it away. I know those things are not true, and I will not give in to Society and their lies. But I only hope that what they say are lies.

Meet the Character: Christopher Johnson

Hello everyone! Today I am going to interview another character in my book, Chris, a friend that Camellia meets along her journey.

Me: Hello Chris! Welcome to the show. How are you?

Chris: Hello, and thank you for having me! Right now I am doing fine, but things have been a little stressful lately, you know?

Me: Really? Why is that?

Chris: Well, my brother was kidnapped not too long ago. I am glad I met Cam around the same time, because then I probably would still be at the village, trying to imagine life without my brother. I mean… I guess I can imagine it now, as it has been a while since I have last seen him. I just hope he is still alive.

Me: That’s unfortunate. Sorry about that, Chris. So anyway, how exactly did you meet Cam?

Chris: She and her friends came to my village while it was being attacked, and if they haven’t come before, I think things would have turned out differently. They really helped us, for sure. Then, after talking to her for a little bit, I discovered that her sister was kidnapped as well, so after talking a little more we decided that I should join the group.

Me: Making friends is very important, that’s excellent! Now, tell me about your weapon choice. What weapon do you use in battle?

Chris: I am really comfortable with a tomahawk. No, not the big battle axes some of the large warriors use, but the small, lighter axe that can be used for throwing. I don’t usually throw the tomahawk though, because it is the only one I have. But I find it very useful!

Me: Nice! One of my favorite weapons. I can not fight like that, of course, but tomahawks are very interesting. Now, last question before we close things off, is it true that you may have a small crush on Cam?

Chris: *blushes* Um… well… Gosh I don’t know what to say to that. Um…

Me: *laughs* If you don’t really want to answer that question, that is fine! Thank you Chris for being on the show, and I can’t wait to see you in action!

Chris: Thanks again for having me!

(Questions are now open to the readers, a.k.a the audience. Ask away!)


Words. They bounce off the tongue of every human being. Sometimes intentionally. But most of the time, aimlessly. The words just come out of our mouth and we don’t seem to care. They travel to the eardrums of other people, attacking the hearts of those the words are aimed towards. The heart fights off those words, but the mind tells the heart they can’t win the fight. The mind says that the words are true. The words then win the battle. They successfully take over the heart. Then, they go for the rest of the body. The body hurts itself, knowing that the words would hurt it anyways. Eventually, the words will kill the body. Then the words win the war.
Is that what the body really wants? What if it was given a chance? The words almost always win. Many people die everyday because of the words that come out of our mouths. Even if we try to fight them off, we are never given a chance. They get stuck in our brain, and we eventually believe those words.
Sometimes we can fight the words. What if we can defeat them? What if we can tell the words no? We can fight the words if we chose to. Then we are able to defeat them. We are able to tell the words no. But it’s hard to fight, so most just choose to take in the words. The words take over the heart. Then the body. They believe every single thing that comes out of people’s mouths. Then, the words finally kill the body. Just because of something somebody said.
The words are true though, aren’t they? What people say about us is how they think about us. Most of the time, the words they say set fire to our hearts. They puncture our minds. But other times, they bring joy. The words people can say, they can bring life. Words of hope. Words of peace. Words of prosperity. Words of life. They all can come off of the very tongues that are designed to speak good, but are controlled so they can speak evil.
Words that are good are the best. They not only bring life, but they bring hope. Words can bring us up, but they can also bring us down. They can set fire to hearts, or they can burn it out. Now-a-days, there are not that many people out there who speak only good. They are the people who try to change the world into the perfect place it was meant to be in the beginning. But words can be deceiving. The very first deceiving words spoken on this earth were used to take the good out of the world. We were once perfect. No bad thought came to our minds. Then one mistake took out the good mind and replaced it with a mind filled with good, and filled with evil. The question is though, can a single person make a difference in one’s life if they choose to speak good things instead of deceiving things? I believe so. I believe that someday we will be able to walk together and speak good things. That is, if you believe what I believe. And my hope is that we believe in what is right, and that we know the difference between the truth and the wrong.