Hello readers! My name is Ryan Gibson, and I hope to be a future musician/singer/songwriter, while at the same time being a big time author sharing the creative part of my brain. I currently have been playing guitar for five years, and piano for eight. I have been good at writing ever since I started doing essay’s and stuff in school, but never did I enjoy writing creatively until about a year ago. I am sixteen years old. I know that is newprofilepicyoung, but what’s wrong with that? Age does not show a persons talent, no matter who he or she is.
My passion for writing only began about a year ago when I discovered how I loved to write. Just the thought of painting my ideas onto a piece of notebook paper excited me. I loved being creative.

The purpose of this blog is for me to 1.) Get used to writing and sharing my ideas, 2.) So that I can keep myself dedicated, and 3.) So that I can learn to be even more creative than I usually am. I thought just a few months ago that my ONLY purpose in life was to share my music, but now I realize it is not just my music, it would be my writing. I discovered that I have a passion for writing and being creative, and I have great support by my teacher and fellow classmates (and people outside my class; which are my family, friends, friends not in my school, and of course, you guys, if you want that to count.)

I guess I would also like to be able to connect with other people with my writing, so everything I put on here won’t be just for me, but for everybody.

I am as well looking towards the future. How I can make a difference because of something I wrote. Or something I have sung. I love seeing the beauty of change. Good change at least, because bad change is frustrating. But ANYWAY, I hope to make a great future for myself and future family.

Now, to end my long, boring, and over descriptive “About” page, I just have to say that I am currently writing one book that I hope to finish by the time Summer comes, or sometime during the Summer. I can not give an exact date on when I will release it, but we will just have to wait and see, won’t we?

Thank you for taking the time to read this! -Ryan Gibson


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