A New Start – The Gibson Initiative

NOTE: I will NO LONGER be posting in this blog. If you want to follow my work and continue to see my writing, go follow my new blog. The link and more details are shown below.

Hello! My name is Ryan Gibson. As you can tell from the blog post below, I haven’t been active in quite some time (almost two years)! I had vanished from the world of blogging and have left this blog to rot. It is unfortunate, and I am disappointed in myself that I didn’t continue this blog.

Recently, I have decided to continue my writing career through blogging (again). However, I knew I couldn’t continue on this website. Also, I began this blog when I was in the ninth grade (which would explain the terrible blog name) and it just doesn’t fit in this day and age anymore.

My new blog, The Gibson Initiative, is where I will continue my writing career. To me, it looks and feels a lot more professional, and it sounds a lot more professional. To anyone who is reading this, I would greatly appreciate if you would check out my first true blog, The Gibson Initiative.