You Make Beautiful Things

You make beautiful things. You make beautiful things out of us, no matter if we are weak or strong. We shine through you, and we live through you. Even after many struggles, after all this pain. Even if we never can find our way. We wonder that sometimes, don’t we? Whenever it feels like we are on a long, endless road. The endless road of pain, struggles, and suffering. We wonder if we can ever find our way; our way through the thorns and spikes that our enemies have laid down on our paths’, forcing us to take routes where we become lost and hope to be found. We wonder if our life can really change from that at all, for the rugged path is all we see, We seem to forget about all the good things that could set us on the right path, even if we try really hard.

But then we remember. We remember that you make beautiful things. Even after everything that has happened, even after everything that we have been through. We remember that with you we can step over the thorns and spikes, we can find our way to the right path, for you do not fail. We remember that you make beautiful things out of the dust where we came from, the dust where you made us from. The dust that shines and created a beautiful life for us. The dust that made us who we are. The dust that lives through all the amazing things you have done. The dust that remembers that you make beautiful things out of us.

All around we see hope. Hope that is springing up from the old earth, hope that destroys the chaos and makes us the beautiful things we are meant to be. But in the chaos there again is pain and struggling, but out of the chaos life is being found in you, where you make beautiful things.

Then again, we remember. You make beautiful things. Things that watch over us and take care of us. You make beautiful things out of the dust. The dust that surrounds us. The dust that began our life. You make beautiful things out of us. The beautiful things that we were meant to be.

Then we boast about you making us new, and are continuing to make us even newer. Newer after all the challenges and hardships. Newer after all the pain and struggle, because through the pain and struggle is where we learn and remember.

Always. Always we will remember. And forever we will remember that you make beautiful things. You make beautiful things out of us.


The Mystery Man in the Blue Car

In the local streets of London there was a man. This man, like any other man in this world, was different. Oh, different in many ways just like the other’s I can tell you, but there was something with this man that made him… well… different. Although nobody noticed it at first, instead of going “home” after his day at work, he would disappear like he was hiding something, just to reappear the next morning for work. When people wanted to go and see him, they would go to his supposed house just to say hello, but they left after they found that he wasn’t there. Of course, he has only lived here for about a month, so maybe he just wrote the address down or something, right?

Well somebody wasn’t so convinced. One day, a fellow employee – Gary – noticed the man’s daily disappearances, and decided to follow this mysterious man after work the following day to see where he goes to. So then comes the next day, and the two men worked like they usually did. When both of their shifts were over, the mysterious man came up to Gary in his brown suit and red bow tie and asked,

“Hey Gary, can you help me bring some stuff down to my car? I have a lot more to carry than I usually do.”

Gary sighs, “Sure I can help John. I got a lot more done today than I thought I did, so I have nothing to carry.”

John smiled, “Thanks man, that will help a lot.”

So, as you probably have guessed, the two men walked down the flight of stairs to the underground garage and up to John’s car. The car was an old blue Mercedes with tinted windows so you couldn’t see the inside. When they reach the vehicle, they pop the trunk and put the stuff in the car, just as you have guessed. ¬†Hey, you in the back, the story isn’t over yet, so sit back down and continue listening please! This is the interesting part.

John thank’s Gary as he walked to his car a few parking spaces down. When Gary starts his car, though, he found that his car battery has died. So Gary pops out of his car, walks over to John and asks,

“Hey can you give me a ride home? My car battery died and I don’t think you have anything to start it up again.”

John looked at him with a little worried look in his face. “Um… I don’t know if I will be able-”

“Please? You’re my only way back to my house. Besides, you pass my house before you get to your’s.”

John sighed, “Alright fine. Don’t freak out about my driving though, please. And don’t tell anyone about this.”

“Yes, of course.” Although the part about being asked not to tell anyone was a little weird.

So John and Gary get in the car, but in all weirdness it didn’t start. Instead, a loud noise that sounded sort of like metal being scratched on metal strings filled the garage (Gary played piano, so he would know), and the blue car just vanished slowly in thin air, never to return again.

Not so boring now, is it?

“Safe Inside the Song” – A Song by Me

Hey everyone! Just recently I went to a Singer/Songwriter camp – which I can tell you, it was amazingly fun – and there I, of course, wrote a song! There were mentors there (who all were “professional” songwriter’s), and they were a great help in the writing process. The first two days me and my fellow songwriter’s/camper’s wrote our songs’, then on Wednesday and Thursday we went to the studio to record the acoustic demo of our songs’! Friday was just a rehearsal day, but on Sunday we went to a restaurant called Dosey Doe and got to perform in front of a live audience! Below is the video, and below that is the link to the video itself.

I just want to say, besides my writing, music is what I also want to do in my life. So I am excited about doing both! Thank you for watching.