Meet Ella Grace Scarlett! Character Interview

Ella is one of Cam’s best friends.
Hair: Curly blonde
Eye Color: Green
Ella kind of has a bubbly personality, but had one of the highest GPA’s in her schooling years.

Me: Welcome to the show everyone! My name is Ryan, and today I am interviewing Ella Grace Scarlett, one of Camellia’s friends in the novel, The Tales of Camellia! Welcome Ella!

Ella: Thank you for having me!

Me: It is my pleasure! Now, can you tell me how long have you known Cam and how you two met?

Ella: I have known Cam ever since we were little. Our parents have known each other for even longer than that. So pretty much we are stuck with each other until the end.

Me: I love having friendships like that! I have a few similar to yours as well, or at least, so I think. Friendships must be different then than it is now.

Ella: Actually, it may not be too much different. We still have fun and mess around. We still do stupid stuff, like how friends did a lot of that back before the War.

Me: Ah, I guess you may be correct. Well anyways, tell me what you thought after your village was invaded and, and then hearing about Cam’s sister, Violet, being taken?

Ella: Well I have known Violet my entire life, so she was pretty close to me. Of course, she was closer to Cam, but Violet and I had some type of friendship I guess I could say. I felt like she needed to be saved, and I immediately agreed to the task of saving her when I was given the opportunity to go. And about the invasion, I was just shocked. I never killed a human being before, so I found it hard to fight. Of course, I have to get used to that sooner or later, because I may have to do a lot of fighting before we save Violet.

Me: If only I can interview Violet to hear her side of the kidnapping! Speaking of fighting, what kind of weapons do you fight with?

Ella: I am very good at knife throwing! Every year for the past five years, I won the knife throwing contest at the festival. I guess this year would count as six, since I participated in the contest before the invasion! But I may take interest in another weapon soon, because I may need it if I don’t have any more knifes to throw.

Me: I can’t even cut properly with a knife. Thank you, Ella, for being on the show! I can’t wait to see your adventures with Cam and… Cecil is his name, correct? I believe he is joining our show next week!

Ella: Yes, that’s his name. And thank you for having me!

We will now open all questions to the audience (aka, you. To the comment section!)


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