Meet the Character: Christopher Johnson

Hello everyone! Today I am going to interview another character in my book, Chris, a friend that Camellia meets along her journey.

Me: Hello Chris! Welcome to the show. How are you?

Chris: Hello, and thank you for having me! Right now I am doing fine, but things have been a little stressful lately, you know?

Me: Really? Why is that?

Chris: Well, my brother was kidnapped not too long ago. I am glad I met Cam around the same time, because then I probably would still be at the village, trying to imagine life without my brother. I mean… I guess I can imagine it now, as it has been a while since I have last seen him. I just hope he is still alive.

Me: That’s unfortunate. Sorry about that, Chris. So anyway, how exactly did you meet Cam?

Chris: She and her friends came to my village while it was being attacked, and if they haven’t come before, I think things would have turned out differently. They really helped us, for sure. Then, after talking to her for a little bit, I discovered that her sister was kidnapped as well, so after talking a little more we decided that I should join the group.

Me: Making friends is very important, that’s excellent! Now, tell me about your weapon choice. What weapon do you use in battle?

Chris: I am really comfortable with a tomahawk. No, not the big battle axes some of the large warriors use, but the small, lighter axe that can be used for throwing. I don’t usually throw the tomahawk though, because it is the only one I have. But I find it very useful!

Me: Nice! One of my favorite weapons. I can not fight like that, of course, but tomahawks are very interesting. Now, last question before we close things off, is it true that you may have a small crush on Cam?

Chris: *blushes* Um… well… Gosh I don’t know what to say to that. Um…

Me: *laughs* If you don’t really want to answer that question, that is fine! Thank you Chris for being on the show, and I can’t wait to see you in action!

Chris: Thanks again for having me!

(Questions are now open to the readers, a.k.a the audience. Ask away!)


7 thoughts on “Meet the Character: Christopher Johnson

    • Well, on one side of my village there is a beach, but on the other side there is this huge forest. When I was 12, I started going out with my father to cut down some trees, you know, so that people can build towers, buildings, and things like that. Of course, I wouldn’t cut down the bigger trees, but the trees with small trunks. I guess I started getting really comfortable with holding the tomahawk, because at the time that was all my tiny hands could carry, and because of that I have just learned how to use it in other ways I would have never thought I could use it with. Of course, I probably still have a lot to learn, because it’s not all about spinning it with my fingers and being able to throw it accurately.

    • Hey Briana, Chris here. Hmm… I would say a word to describe her would be “warmhearted,” not because she has a soft heart, but because she seems to listen to what you say no matter who you are or whether she believes you or not, and she seems to listen as if it actually matters. Even though she is very quiet and independent.
      I hope she doesn’t know. That would just make things awkward. Of course, I never told anyone about it, so I don’t see how she could know. But, she may have ideas. So I am not sure, for both of those questions.

      • That is the best kind of friend to have, and so rarely found! You seem to have stumbled onto a precious gem indeed!
        And you seem to be such a sweet guy, so I’m sure she’s noticed how much you care.
        Thank you Chris! And good luck!

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