Meet the Character: Camellia “Cam” Rose

Hey everyone! Today I am going to interview the main character of my book. I am going to ask a few questions, and she is going to answer them. Then, if you want to, you can ask her some questions by commenting below! This was inspired by Briana (, who was inspired by Francesca (

Check out both of their sites! Their writing sounds pretty exciting!

Me: Hello everyone! Today I am interviewing Camellia Rose, the main character of the book The Tales of Camellia. Thank you for joining us Camellia, or can I call you Cam?

Camellia: Cam is fine. And no problem! Thank you for having me, it is an honor.

Me: It is a pleasure having you here! Now, I understand you are a little shy, but what was it like to be outside the village for the first time?

Camellia: It was really difficult. I have never been outside the borders before, as you said in the question. I am just glad to have my friends with me or I probably wouldn’t last a day!

Me: Makes sense, especially with no electricity to light up the night or to show you where to go!

Camellia: Actually that wasn’t bad at all. I’ve grown up my entire life without electricity, so I am used to it. So are my parents. So are my grandparents.

Me: How are your parents by the way?

Camellia: Well, my father left for the capital of our country a few years ago but he never returned. He said he would only be gone about a month or two. My mother hasn’t been the same person lately because of that.

Me: Ah, sad to here that, I’m sorry. Now to change the subject, how about we go into weapons. What are your choices of weapons?

Camellia: I actually have been trained in the Martial Arts. I don’t really know exactly what I have been trained it, but it has helped me in self-defense and other fights so far, so it must be a good one. I do have a sword that the mayor gave me, but I am more comfortable without it.

Me: Interesting! Most people don’t use just their hands. That is very impressive, Cam. Now, can you tell me what that tattoo on your wrist symbolizes?

Camellia: Oh, actually I do not know. When I pulled the sword out of its sheath for the first time, the tattoo just formed on my wrist. And apparently they are on my friend’s wrists too, except theirs do not have Corona’s around it like mine does. Not sure what it means, I just hope I will find out soon.

Me: Hmm, that is strange. Well, that is all the time we have! Thank you again for joining us, Cam. We will now go into questions from the audience!

Camellia: No problem, I am glad to be here! Thank you for having me.



13 thoughts on “Meet the Character: Camellia “Cam” Rose

    • Hello Briana! Cam here. I’m not sure how my food is different than the food in your time, but I would guess my favorite food would be these venison strips looking things. Not sure what else to call them, but they sure look like the chicken strips I have seen in pictures!
      I have started training ever since I was 5 years old. So I have been doing this for… almost 12 years? Of course, the training wasn’t as intense then as it is now.

      And no problem!

      • Awesome Ryan!
        Now I have a question for you: is this book complete? If so, have you already sent it to any agents/publishers? You said you kind of wanted to go with a Vanity Press, and if that’s still what you want, I could talk to the one I’m working with and put in a good word for you. Let me know if you’re interested. Just remember, if they do accept your work, it is a $4000 up-front cost.

      • Hey Briana. No, I am not finished with the book. I still have a long way to go. But, I know where my book is going. And this summer I will have a lot more time to write it. And who are you working with? I’m still not sure about a vanity press because I’m not 100% sure on how they work.

        I would love to!

      • Oh I’ve heard of them! They’re a Vanity Press? I’ve actually have done some research about some publishers and saw somewhere that said Tates wasn’t a Vanity press

      • I know, I’ve read the same thing. But from what several established authors have told me, any publisher who asks you to pay for anything is a Vanity Press (I look at them as large-scale self publishing with the added bonus of an editor and marketing). One positive with Tate is that if your book sells 1000 copies (does not count if the books are bought directly from Tate’s warehouse, which is where you’ll get 40% royalty, 15% from everywhere else) you get your $4000 back. And the $4000 goes to Key Marketing. You also have the option of getting a book trailer, a social media site for your book, or a website for your book.

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