Why do I have to wait? For life. For happiness. For everything. Why do I have to wait for life to get better? Why can’t I just be happy? Why must my soul be crushed every time those thoughts come back? The thoughts that affect my everyday life. The thoughts that tell me things that my heart says no to. That my heart says otherwise to. But those thoughts take over my heart, making it weak. Then I can’t do anything about it. All I am is just a lonely face, seeking happiness and satisfaction.
I love it when things go my way. Because that is the best way things should be, right? That’s what we want to think. But is it how we truly should think? What if there is a better way? A better way to truly believe in things? Believe in things that are good and that bring true satisfaction. But what is true satisfaction? How do we find it? I don’t know if my heart can take feeling lonely any longer. The desire for satisfaction is corrupting my mind, blocking my heart from the reality of true happiness, while the rest of reality is trying to push that away from me.
Satisfaction is not necessarily a good thing. It forces the mind to think that these bad things are good things, and turns the good things into things that aren’t necessarily good anymore. The craving for satisfaction is pure evil. It waits to prance at you whenever you are at your weakest. Whenever you want things the most. Whenever you want to be happy. Whenever you want to be satisfied. It’s just another tool Society uses to ruin your life. They give you things that make you feel as if you are satisfied. But I am not fooled. Society just wants me to believe this. Believe in that. But what they give me is not true satisfaction. No. True satisfaction comes from what the heart thinks. It comes from what you were programed for. It comes from the soul that is in every human being. True satisfaction is happiness without despair. Because I know that after I wait for satisfaction to come, then I will truly be happy. I will truly be satisfied.


4 thoughts on “Satisfaction

  1. Satisfaction to me, comes from completion of a set task. I can look back and say…I did it, and I am proud. If others see the work I have put in and appreciate it, then…more happiness for me. ❤

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