What is Writing?

Writing. Such odd things writing can do. How it can paint the imagination of an author onto a piece of paper. How it can tell a reader what a person is thinking. Writing is a powerful thing. Nobody can fully understand writing. It confuses the mind. Some people understand it in one way, some understand it in another. Everyone thinks differently, but writing is different. It tells everyone the same thing. But everyone takes it differently.
Why does writing do that? If it wants us to know what it is saying, then why not just say it? Why must it mess with our minds? Nobody knows. Nobody can know. We all think differently. Nothing is the same as the other. But why is writing like that? Only the writer knows what their writing is. They know what they are trying to say. But how do they send that message to others? Through writing of course. But only the author can understand what their writing is saying. Everyone else just has an idea.
Writing is an author’s language. It is the author’s voice. Even though only the author can understand their own language, everyone else catches onto the author’s words and tries to decipher the author’s tongue. The tongue that speaks many languages. The mind never knew that the tongue could speak those languages. They just come out of the author’s mouth, painting the imagination onto a piece of paper. Telling everyone what the author is thinking. But nobody can understand. The author can’t express his thoughts. His emotions. The author becomes discouraged. The author stops writing. And then he is no longer an author. He is just another face on this planet. Another human being. No he did not lose his purpose. He just lost his identity.
Writing is special. It allows writers to express themselves in ways unimaginable by other people who think they know their friend so well. But they don’t know them completely. They just know pieces of the writer. And everyday they add more pieces to the puzzle so they can completely understand. But they can’t find those last few pieces. Those last few pieces. The writer’s voice. The writer’s thoughts. The writer’s view of this world. They have ideas, but they will never fully understand. That is the beauty of writing. It makes people wonder what is next.


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