Another Short Story

Here is another short story I wrote. You aren’t supposed to know what is happening and why. Just let the entire backstory build up in your mind. Thank you for reading!

“Wait!” I said anxiously.
“What,” asked an unfamiliar voice.
“Where are we going?”
The mystery man didn’t reply for a while. He was probably deciding what to say to me.
“Some place that may be familiar to you.”
So wait… I have been there before? When? It could have been a day, month, year, or even longer, but it didn’t matter. I knew I was in trouble. The shackles that tied my hands and feet rubbed against my dark skin and gave me a rash that made me sore. My body ached from all the cuts and bruises, and my skin felt as dry as the sun because of all the dry blood. I couldn’t see where the driver was taking us because I was blindfolded. I didn’t know why I was there, but it must have been something I done. Maybe the government has me? No, they don’t do stuff like this. I guess soon we would find out who is taking me captive. I felt the car stop with a small thud.
“We’re here.” said the mystery man.
I heard the car door open and felt a pair of hands grab me and pull me out of the car. A person kicked my legs and made me fall to the ground. Another person spat at my face.
“Get up.” Another set of hands pulled me from my fetal position and put me on my feet. I felt the blindfold get pulled off of my head and I instantly was blinded by the sun. It took me a minute for my eyes to adjust to the sunlight. Looking around me, I saw many men watching my curiosity. The men were shouting and laughing, and it looked like they were celebrating something.
All of a sudden, I heard a microphone turn on with a loud boom. A man dressed in a business suit spoke into it with a deep and threatening voice.
“Welcome Cameron! Thank you for joining us!”


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