The Next Life – Weekly Writing Challenge

Here is my little short story for this weeks challenge! Hope you guys like this!

The Next Life

        I have always wondered what the next life was like. Where would I go? How would things turn out? Luckily that day is far ahead of me. I am young and am trying to stay that way for as long as I can.

     The sun was slowly falling out of the sky. You could start to see the moon fully blossom in the twilight of the night. I could hear the ocean waves crashing into the rocks near the beach. I watched as my feet made deep footprints in the sand, as if I was walking in somebody else’s footsteps.

     I imagined a gigantic hand lifting me up into the air once I die. My small, shy spirit that would leave my body to go to the other place. In the next minute or two I should be arriving at my apartment. This beach would never end though. It kept going on and on, like an escalator moving so fast you can barely even move up just a little bit.

     As the darkness was closing in around me, the bright moon and dazzling stars shone right above my head. Earlier my cell phone lost reception and died right after that. Great. Now I realized that I can’t respond to my brother’s move in Words with Friends.

     Then I noticed something. Was that a light I saw? The light looked like a door opening specifically for me to enter. Because of my huge amounts of curiosity, I stalked towards the door.

     And as I approached the door, I thought of nothing but the next life. When I tried to stop thinking of it, it just kept on coming back. But when I got to the door, I just stopped thinking. When I entered the door, light swooshed around me, like a gigantic room made of light bulbs. And finally, I stood right in front of the next life.


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