Green Dress and Tears

Bennie ran down the street. Barefoot, green dress and black hair caught in the wind, never had anyone said anything like that to her. Tears flooded down her eyes, washing the makeup out of her face. The words repeated themselves over many times, “I don’t want to marry you. I don’t want to live with you. And most importantly, I don’t love you.” The tragic event a week before her wedding forced a knife into her soul. Her heart, as it fell into the pit of her stomach, felt beaten and bruised.
She ran and ran and ran, vividly remembering the day he proposed to her. They were on a ferry riding up the river; watching the beautiful city brightening up the night sky, the lights reflecting off the clear water. They were leaning against the rail, pointing out strange things that stood out of the normal crowd. Of course, they were in a foreign country, so everything looked strange to them. Then suddenly, he turned to look at him, but then he wasn’t there. Looking down, she gasped at him on one knee and saying, “Bennie, will you marry me?”
Then came today, almost six months later. They were at a party, and her and her fiancé started to argue in the backroom… it was then he said those awful things. When he showed his true colors. She ran out the door, running with her heals in her hand.
A loud honk filled her ears, and she suddenly came back from the past and looked up to see where the noise came from. Light instantly flooded her eyes and she fell into the cold abyss, floating away from the world and the pain it gives.


The Door

Today in my Creative Writing class, we looked at pictures, wrote stories about them, and shared with the class. This particular one was requested (by my teacher) to be a poem, and I thought it interesting enough to share.

Door, oh door.
How you open to thee
you seem to adore
The hand that’s on me

When I try to open you
To see what’s inside
All I see is the blue
And clouds in the sky

So when I looked down
To walk on the floor
There is nothing around
But you door

Can anyone guess what the ending suggests?

Meet Ella Grace Scarlett! Character Interview

Ella is one of Cam’s best friends.
Hair: Curly blonde
Eye Color: Green
Ella kind of has a bubbly personality, but had one of the highest GPA’s in her schooling years.

Me: Welcome to the show everyone! My name is Ryan, and today I am interviewing Ella Grace Scarlett, one of Camellia’s friends in the novel, The Tales of Camellia! Welcome Ella!

Ella: Thank you for having me!

Me: It is my pleasure! Now, can you tell me how long have you known Cam and how you two met?

Ella: I have known Cam ever since we were little. Our parents have known each other for even longer than that. So pretty much we are stuck with each other until the end.

Me: I love having friendships like that! I have a few similar to yours as well, or at least, so I think. Friendships must be different then than it is now.

Ella: Actually, it may not be too much different. We still have fun and mess around. We still do stupid stuff, like how friends did a lot of that back before the War.

Me: Ah, I guess you may be correct. Well anyways, tell me what you thought after your village was invaded and, and then hearing about Cam’s sister, Violet, being taken?

Ella: Well I have known Violet my entire life, so she was pretty close to me. Of course, she was closer to Cam, but Violet and I had some type of friendship I guess I could say. I felt like she needed to be saved, and I immediately agreed to the task of saving her when I was given the opportunity to go. And about the invasion, I was just shocked. I never killed a human being before, so I found it hard to fight. Of course, I have to get used to that sooner or later, because I may have to do a lot of fighting before we save Violet.

Me: If only I can interview Violet to hear her side of the kidnapping! Speaking of fighting, what kind of weapons do you fight with?

Ella: I am very good at knife throwing! Every year for the past five years, I won the knife throwing contest at the festival. I guess this year would count as six, since I participated in the contest before the invasion! But I may take interest in another weapon soon, because I may need it if I don’t have any more knifes to throw.

Me: I can’t even cut properly with a knife. Thank you, Ella, for being on the show! I can’t wait to see your adventures with Cam and… Cecil is his name, correct? I believe he is joining our show next week!

Ella: Yes, that’s his name. And thank you for having me!

We will now open all questions to the audience (aka, you. To the comment section!)

Judging What You See

As I walk along the sidewalks of my neighborhood, every once in a while I would look not at only the cars driving by, but the people inside the cars. Sometimes, when there are no trees or bushes blocking the sidewalk from the street view, I can’t help but try to hide myself, as I do not like strangers looking at me. Why? Well, for one thing, I decided to ride my brother’s electric scooter, and as a 15 year old who has been confused for a Junior and Senior in high school (and a person who can drive), people don’t find it very attractive (I guess I could say).
So I am sitting at a major intersection right after school has ended for most people, just trying to get to the library so I can get some of my favorite books, the third and fourth editions of Harry Potter. As you probably can imagine, the intersection was pretty crowded, and I couldn’t go all the way up to where the sidewalk meets the road. Instead, I sat there where the bushes can hide myself. The question is, why do I do that? Why do I try to hide myself from the public? I have one idea, and it is instinct. I think about over the years, a teenager’s instinct has changed into something entirely different. With all of the new things and new styles that affect our world today, older generations look down on ours, saying things that might as well be true. I have looked at some things myself to see if I can understand why older generations believe that, and I honestly say that I can only agree to them. Just look at what has changed our world’s point-of-view at things over the past few years. I mean, look at what people believe about homosexuality. Or drugs. Or abortion. Or anything, really. As most of those things really made an impact during our generation, people seem to think that it is our fault.
That is why I hide from the public. Because of what people believe, I hide myself from view of the drivers who pass me along the road. I guess that is why I look into their windows as well. I want to know if they are looking at me; and if they are, I want to know what they are thinking while they are looking at me. I want to know what goes through their minds, even if there is nothing going through at all. I want to know what their stories are. Just so I can understand why they believe what they believe. I just don’t want to be judged, you know?
That is another problem in this world. People judge others based on looks, and not what is in their hearts. That is another reason to hide. Another reason why a teenager’s instincts have changed. They hide wherever they can from the death stares of the people who look down on them, covering their faces like it wasn’t meant to be looked at. They eat their lunches in the school’s bathroom or a teacher’s classroom so that the bullies won’t get to them and ask for their lunch money. People get laughed at, and they shrink down in embarrassment and try to hide themselves from the laughs that throw themselves onto their minds’, making people believe things they shouldn’t.
The eyes of every human being believe in what they see just like the ear’s believe in what they hear. That is why I hide. So people will not look at me and judge me for what they see. But even if I hear what they think about me, I will push it away. I know those things are not true, and I will not give in to Society and their lies. But I only hope that what they say are lies.

Meet the Character: Christopher Johnson

Hello everyone! Today I am going to interview another character in my book, Chris, a friend that Camellia meets along her journey.

Me: Hello Chris! Welcome to the show. How are you?

Chris: Hello, and thank you for having me! Right now I am doing fine, but things have been a little stressful lately, you know?

Me: Really? Why is that?

Chris: Well, my brother was kidnapped not too long ago. I am glad I met Cam around the same time, because then I probably would still be at the village, trying to imagine life without my brother. I mean… I guess I can imagine it now, as it has been a while since I have last seen him. I just hope he is still alive.

Me: That’s unfortunate. Sorry about that, Chris. So anyway, how exactly did you meet Cam?

Chris: She and her friends came to my village while it was being attacked, and if they haven’t come before, I think things would have turned out differently. They really helped us, for sure. Then, after talking to her for a little bit, I discovered that her sister was kidnapped as well, so after talking a little more we decided that I should join the group.

Me: Making friends is very important, that’s excellent! Now, tell me about your weapon choice. What weapon do you use in battle?

Chris: I am really comfortable with a tomahawk. No, not the big battle axes some of the large warriors use, but the small, lighter axe that can be used for throwing. I don’t usually throw the tomahawk though, because it is the only one I have. But I find it very useful!

Me: Nice! One of my favorite weapons. I can not fight like that, of course, but tomahawks are very interesting. Now, last question before we close things off, is it true that you may have a small crush on Cam?

Chris: *blushes* Um… well… Gosh I don’t know what to say to that. Um…

Me: *laughs* If you don’t really want to answer that question, that is fine! Thank you Chris for being on the show, and I can’t wait to see you in action!

Chris: Thanks again for having me!

(Questions are now open to the readers, a.k.a the audience. Ask away!)


Words. They bounce off the tongue of every human being. Sometimes intentionally. But most of the time, aimlessly. The words just come out of our mouth and we don’t seem to care. They travel to the eardrums of other people, attacking the hearts of those the words are aimed towards. The heart fights off those words, but the mind tells the heart they can’t win the fight. The mind says that the words are true. The words then win the battle. They successfully take over the heart. Then, they go for the rest of the body. The body hurts itself, knowing that the words would hurt it anyways. Eventually, the words will kill the body. Then the words win the war.
Is that what the body really wants? What if it was given a chance? The words almost always win. Many people die everyday because of the words that come out of our mouths. Even if we try to fight them off, we are never given a chance. They get stuck in our brain, and we eventually believe those words.
Sometimes we can fight the words. What if we can defeat them? What if we can tell the words no? We can fight the words if we chose to. Then we are able to defeat them. We are able to tell the words no. But it’s hard to fight, so most just choose to take in the words. The words take over the heart. Then the body. They believe every single thing that comes out of people’s mouths. Then, the words finally kill the body. Just because of something somebody said.
The words are true though, aren’t they? What people say about us is how they think about us. Most of the time, the words they say set fire to our hearts. They puncture our minds. But other times, they bring joy. The words people can say, they can bring life. Words of hope. Words of peace. Words of prosperity. Words of life. They all can come off of the very tongues that are designed to speak good, but are controlled so they can speak evil.
Words that are good are the best. They not only bring life, but they bring hope. Words can bring us up, but they can also bring us down. They can set fire to hearts, or they can burn it out. Now-a-days, there are not that many people out there who speak only good. They are the people who try to change the world into the perfect place it was meant to be in the beginning. But words can be deceiving. The very first deceiving words spoken on this earth were used to take the good out of the world. We were once perfect. No bad thought came to our minds. Then one mistake took out the good mind and replaced it with a mind filled with good, and filled with evil. The question is though, can a single person make a difference in one’s life if they choose to speak good things instead of deceiving things? I believe so. I believe that someday we will be able to walk together and speak good things. That is, if you believe what I believe. And my hope is that we believe in what is right, and that we know the difference between the truth and the wrong.

Author Interview Program #10

This is awesome! Thank you Briana 🙂

When I Became an Author

Here is my second author interview for the day! This writer has recently plunged into the world of writing, and I know that he’s going places! Meet Mr. Ryan Gibson!  

Where can we find you?

Twitter: @gibsorya


What is your author name? Or do you use a penname instead?

I think I may just use Ryan Gibson. If I were to use a penname, I would use R. C. Gibson for my fantasy/sci-fi books and Ryan Gibson for other books.


What is the title of the book you’re currently writing?

The Tales of Camellia


What is the genre of your book?

Science Fiction/Fantasy


What is a 3-4 sentence synopsis of your book?

500 years after World War III, Camellia Rose lives in a world with no electricity. During the festival celebrating a “no-wars” anniversary, Cam’s village is suddenly attacked. and whilst in the middle of the attack, Cam’s sister…

View original post 157 more words

Meet the Character: Camellia “Cam” Rose

Hey everyone! Today I am going to interview the main character of my book. I am going to ask a few questions, and she is going to answer them. Then, if you want to, you can ask her some questions by commenting below! This was inspired by Briana (, who was inspired by Francesca (

Check out both of their sites! Their writing sounds pretty exciting!

Me: Hello everyone! Today I am interviewing Camellia Rose, the main character of the book The Tales of Camellia. Thank you for joining us Camellia, or can I call you Cam?

Camellia: Cam is fine. And no problem! Thank you for having me, it is an honor.

Me: It is a pleasure having you here! Now, I understand you are a little shy, but what was it like to be outside the village for the first time?

Camellia: It was really difficult. I have never been outside the borders before, as you said in the question. I am just glad to have my friends with me or I probably wouldn’t last a day!

Me: Makes sense, especially with no electricity to light up the night or to show you where to go!

Camellia: Actually that wasn’t bad at all. I’ve grown up my entire life without electricity, so I am used to it. So are my parents. So are my grandparents.

Me: How are your parents by the way?

Camellia: Well, my father left for the capital of our country a few years ago but he never returned. He said he would only be gone about a month or two. My mother hasn’t been the same person lately because of that.

Me: Ah, sad to here that, I’m sorry. Now to change the subject, how about we go into weapons. What are your choices of weapons?

Camellia: I actually have been trained in the Martial Arts. I don’t really know exactly what I have been trained it, but it has helped me in self-defense and other fights so far, so it must be a good one. I do have a sword that the mayor gave me, but I am more comfortable without it.

Me: Interesting! Most people don’t use just their hands. That is very impressive, Cam. Now, can you tell me what that tattoo on your wrist symbolizes?

Camellia: Oh, actually I do not know. When I pulled the sword out of its sheath for the first time, the tattoo just formed on my wrist. And apparently they are on my friend’s wrists too, except theirs do not have Corona’s around it like mine does. Not sure what it means, I just hope I will find out soon.

Me: Hmm, that is strange. Well, that is all the time we have! Thank you again for joining us, Cam. We will now go into questions from the audience!

Camellia: No problem, I am glad to be here! Thank you for having me.


Blog Hop

Hey everyone! Briana from has tagged me in a Blog Hop to ask me a few questions about my WIP (work in progress). Thank Briana, it is well appreciated!

What is the (working) title of your book?:

The current title that I am working with is The Tales of Camellia. I may add a subtitle (for example: The Tales of Camellia and the Rose’s Dream).

Where did the idea for the book come from ?

Well it started off as an entirely different story. Then, I thought it was too close to a book I recently read. So I kept the same characters, but I took out a few things and then changed the story! I changed it to something that has been going on in my head where the government told the world that I was a threat (and I was but I was the good guy) and I had to travel the world to prove them wrong. Then there was this bad guy trying to take over the world and I had to stop him. So it is fairly similar. Except, this book is 500 years later, the character is a girl, and the government doesn’t want the character dead… (No spoilers there)

What genre does your book fall under?

I would say Young Adult, Sci-Fi/Fantasy. It is actually a lot closer to Science Fiction than Fantasy.

Which actors and/or actresses would you choose to play your characters in the movie rendition?

This is a really hard question, but a fun one. I actually may update as I check out more actors in the future… These are the important characters in the book.

Camellia “Cam” Rose (Main Character): Emma Watson (Hermione Granger in Harry Potter/Sam in Perks of Being a Wallflower)

Violet Rose (Cam’s sister): Willow Shields (Prim in the Hunger Games)

Ella Grace Scarlett: Evanna Lynch (Luna Lovegood in Harry Potter)

Cecil Everett: Matthew Lewis (Neville Longbottom in Harry Potter)

Christopher “Chris” Johnson: Josh Hutcherson (Peeta in Hunger Games)

Jonathan “John” Burkhart: Lenny Kravitz (Cinna in the Hunger Games)

Robin Pierce: Jeremy Renner (Aaron Cross in The Bourne Legacy/Hawkeye in The Avengers)

Kirk Griffin: Chris Hemsworth (Thor/Jed Eckert in Red Dawn)

Peter Robinson: Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley Harry Potter)

What is the one sentence synopsis of your book?

Camellia Rose has to travel the continent of Europe to find her sister and solve this kidnapping mystery, while at the same time has to stop a worldwide threat that the world does not know about.

Will your book be self-published or represented by an agency?

Agency. I don’t think self-publishing my book will get me very far.

How long did it take you to write the first draft of your manuscript?

I haven’t written the book in manuscript format yet. But I am typing it on the computer, so it wouldn’t be too hard (thankfully).

What other books would you compare this story to within your genre?

The Hunger Games. Not because of the story, but because both of the books are talking about, “What would the world be like if this happened?” So no, there are no Hunger Games in my book.

Who or What inspired you to write this book?

My Creative Writing teacher when he had my classmates and I start our novels. I have then decided to go farther than where I thought I would be.

What else about your book might pique the reader’s interest?

The Tales of Camellia is a trilogy. Meaning there will be three books. Yes. Three books. There may be four… but most likely three. Just depends. Also, this trilogy is a “mini-series” within the Kriegerin Brotherhood series, and the rest of the books outside the trilogy are set before the trilogy. Camellia Rose is related to every main character in each of the books in The Kriegerin Brotherhood series. There is a lot of action between the characters and within the characters themselves.

Now I pass this Blog Hop along to:

Prolouge to The Tales of Camellia Trilogy

This is the prologue to my book. It may need some editing, but I am not going to worry about that right now. Enjoy the story! This actually is happening during World War III, a little over 500 years before that actual story. This is how Cam (my character) is alive.

I looked behind me to see if we were being followed.
“Come on Iris, we got to get out of here.” I heard my friend say quickly.
The sun was setting deep into the horizon, revealing that it will be dark at any second. Sweat was dropping down me and my friend Reagan’s faces like heavy raindrops. Our legs were tired and the ground was waiting for us to collapse. Any mistake could lead to our death. I felt something kick my stomach from the inside.
We were being hunted by a group of young men. They weren’t after Reagan, she was only helping me. The men were after me; at least my family’s name. Almost everyone in my family are great warriors. The war is how we became well known. Ever since the blackout, everyone apart of the war had to start using Stone-Aged weapons. Guns weren’t even an option anymore. And since most of my family were soldiers before the blackout, most of them decided to keep on fighting and specialize in certain weapons. My father was one of them.
“I hear footsteps” said Reagan, “c’mon we got to hurry.”
“You reckon that they will catch us?”
“Not if we are quick. And smart if they are really stupid. Cause they have to be stupid to go after us.”
Reagan and I were excellent swordfighters and experienced knife-throwers. We had our weapons out and ready, waiting to plunge them into the flesh of our predators.
There was only one problem. As I stared down at my stomach I could only imagine me fighting the men. I could hurt myself easily if I do end up fighting. Being pregnant made me very vulnerable. The thought of dying with an unborn child inside me was terrifying. If I die, then the Rose family would cease to exist. So I had to stick with knife-throwing.
“If we have to fight, make sure we leave no survivors. Just seeing us is too much information for them.” Reagan was shaking as she said that. We may be skilled-fighters, but what is happening right now is very scary.
We were aiming to get to this forest. It is the safest place to be. If they have dogs – and we were pretty sure they do – the scent of all the forest smells would make it a lot harder to track us. The forest was about a ten minute walk from here; five minutes if we walked quickly. At the other end of the forest was the English Channel, and once we crossed it, they will never be able to catch us.
“I think we lost them for now,” panted Reagan, “let’s hide in this building for a little bit so we can rest. We have protection so I think we will be ok.”
We were in this city once called London. The buildings were tall, although most of them crashed to the ground many years ago, making most of the city ruins. The building we were in right now was small and was mostly rubble, which did not help us at all. It smelt so bad that I thought that somebody killed a bunch of people and left the bodies under the wooden floor to rot. You can tell that the walls of the room used to have a blue color to it, but having never been repainted in years and the lack of it being taken care of it is now turning into a mix of green and yellow. You can only imagine what this place looked like before the war.
“This place must have looked beautiful.”
Apparently Reagan’s mind was thinking something else, “Eh, I’ve seen better.” I probably shouldn’t have said anything. I keep a lot of my thoughts to myself usually just so nobody can ruin what I think about, but lately I have been trying to not do that.
“How could you have seen anything better than this?” is all that I decided to say.
“Anything can be beautiful if you look at it from a different point of view.” Reagan applied.
I decided to be quiet after that. There was nothing more to be said.
After a few minutes Reagan finally spoke, “We should get going now. It is too dangerous for us to stay here for a long time.” Reagan was about to open the door when we heard a sudden movement. Footsteps pounded the streets like wild dogs. We rested for too long.
“There has to be another way out.” I said quietly.
“Someone told me that years ago a lot of people in London dug underground tunnels to escape the group that took over the city. Maybe this house has one of those tunnels.”
“What if the tunnels don’t lead to the forest?”
“Let’s just hope that they do. We will just have to go south anyways, so we will check if the tunnels can actually move that direction. All we need to do is get to the English Channel. C’mon, we need to find an entrance.”
Reagan and I concluded that an entrance to an underground tunnel usually is found on the floor. We moved tables, chairs, couches, and many things that I couldn’t even name. There wasn’t any hole in the ground. All this building had was a plain wooden floor. We heard the footsteps get closer to the house.
“Well, it looks like we are going to have to fight.” I said.
Reagan pushed two chairs against the front door. “I guess so. Get your knifes out and lets go up to the second floor. We would have a better chance there.” Reagan started climbing the stairs when it collapsed beneath her. I heard a bang on the door.
“Reagan, are you alright?”
“Yes I am fine.” I heard another bang on the door. “Well, looks like we will have to fight down here. Hide behind these broken stairs just in case they have bows and arrows.”
Just as I was getting behind the stairs, I heard the chairs move and the door slammed open.
“There are five of them!” Reagan yelled. I turned around quickly and threw a knife at the guy in the front of everyone else. He dodged it but unsuccessfully, as it gashed his scalp and got the guy behind him in the eye. Reagan drew her sword and took out the guy I scraped in the head. The third person who came in slashed a knife at her, but she blocked his hand with her arm and jabbed him in the stomach with her fist. I watched her hand make a karate chop at his neck, making his body drop down the ground as good as dead. Around the same time I felt myself releasing another knife to hit the second guy again. Bulls-eye; literally.
The fourth guy drew his crossbow and aimed it at my head. Time slowed as I watched myself throw another knife at his arm, but instead the knife caught his shirt and he got stuck to the wall. The last guy who came in was large; too big to be taken out by a knife. In his gigantic hands he held a large, double-headed battleaxe. From the looks of him it will take about a dozen knifes to end him. Looking down at the three knifes I have left it would make sense why I mainly used my sword. In the corner of my eye I saw Reagan slash off the fourth guys head.
The big guy lifted his axe above his head, ready to bring me down. It looked like he has been waiting for this moment ever since he started hunting me; you can tell it in his deep blue eyes. But because I am just not ready to die, I had to act to stay alive. Luckily he was slow, which helped me extensively. I felt the small thud that hit the ground when he swung his axe at me. I probably should not do summersaults to dodge his attacks; it made my stomach turn. Dizzy from the first attack, I was too tired to move to dodge the second. Slowly, I watched the man raise his battleaxe for a second time to finally put me out of my misery. I put my arms up to protect myself, but instead of protecting myself from his axe, I was protecting myself from the soulless body falling down helplessly. Reagan, as small as she was, used all of her strength to make sure his body didn’t crush me like a pancake.
“You alright?” Reagan asked heavily. She was almost out of breath.
“I am fine. Did you get the third guy?”
“Yep! Snapped his neck like the twig he was!”
I chuckled. My friend always knew how to make me feel better. No matter how disgusting she was.
“That was close. Are you sure everyone is dead?”
“Reckon so. If that guy who is now completely blind because of you is still alive, I don’t think he saw enough to see everything.” Reagan said as she threw a knife at the guy’s stomach. No sound came from him. “Just to be sure.”
I sat down to take a big breather. I was lucky to have her as my friend. If I didn’t have her, I would be dead by now.
“Those were the slowest ten seconds of my life.” Reagan said wearily. “So I think that meets a new record! It beats our last battle by 4 seconds.”
“Well it beat our last one because this battle had one less man. Plus, the last man who died our last battle was a skilled swordsman. It took three knifes at once to actually get him.”
“Yeah, but one man is not that big of a difference. That big guy almost sliced you in half!” Reagan started walking towards the stairs. “I saw something on the floor when the stairs broke. It looked like some kind of door… maybe it goes to the tunnels.”
“What if it is just a basement?”
“I am pretty sure a basement entrance isn’t hidden under a stairway.”
After looking at the supposed doorway for a few seconds, Reagan grabbed a handle and pulled the trapdoor open. Thankfully, it led to the tunnel.
“Alright then, ready to go tunnel exploring?” Reagan said happily.
“I guess so if it is the only way to go.”
“I think there are more than 5 people hunting us. This actually may be the only way to go. Let’s just pray that it leads to the forest, like most of the tunnels did. Pick up your knifes before we go Iris.”
The ladder was made of metal and was very rusty. Reagan and I had to put on our gloves just to make sure we didn’t catch some kind of disease. The ladder kept going farther, and farther, and farther, until I could barely breathe. The lack of oxygen made me cough like an old man dying in his bed. We got to the bottom when about a minute had gone by. The tunnels were lit with torches against the walls, which was strange. Nobody has used the tunnels in over a decade. There was barely enough oxygen to keep the flames going. After thinking about it for a little bit, I finally came to a conclusion.
“Somebody was just here recently. Who else could have lighted these torches?”
“Probably someone who was running from people as well… You don’t just come down here for fun. I bet he or she was running from who we are running from.”
This made no sense at all. London is one of the Cities of Ruins, which means that nobody lives here and all of the buildings are just ruined. It would only be logical if the person who lighted these torches was running from somebody.
“The way that these torches were set up tells me one thing: the person was struggling as they were running. All of the torches are crooked. Whoever did this had to be running.” Reagan was really concerned about these torches. She was very good at looking at things and then picturing what happened.
I had to stop her thinking so we didn’t get ourselves killed, “Hey we have to get going. Don’t want to get caught, right?”
“I guess so…” Reagan said as if she really wanted to find out what happened here.
The tunnels were dark even though they were lit up with torches. The paths seemed as long as a highway. I just wonder what it was like to make these tunnels and how long it actually took to make them. The tunnels were actually made out of the cave system that sat here way below London. You can hear the bats flying around like a free man who doesn’t have to worry about death. There was a small freshwater creek flowing at the bottom of the cave. The sound made me feel so close to freedom. Another noise ruined the peace in the tunnels. I felt the small thud on the ground; I heard footsteps. We were being followed.
“Did you hear that,” I asked.
“If you heard that small thud on the ground, then yes, yes I did.”
“We need to hurry up then.”
“Don’t worry; we are almost at the end of the tunnel… I hope.” The footsteps got closer.
Fortunately, we were at the end of the tunnel. It was another ladder that led to the surface. The footsteps got closer. We heard an echo in the distance.
“Climb up! Hurry! We need to get out of here, fast!” she made me go first. I wish I could have argued, but our lives were at its climax right now. The ladder was just as old as the last one, and I hoped that it wouldn’t break on me. As we kept going up and up, the oxygen started coming back to me. I heard people start climbing up the ladder.
“There is the exit! Hurry Iris, we need to get out of here!”
I broke free from the tunnels grasp. Fresh air burst into my lungs like the air you blow into balloons. We were in the forest; away from the city. The sun was still setting down into the horizon.
“The sun sets to the west. If we want to go south, we need to head this way.” Reagan said excitedly. I laughed as she got a big stick and threw it down the hole. “Let’s hope that gets them!”
We walked and walked. The forest seemed as if it would never end. The setting sun made it seem like time was slowing down. You could hear the waves from the English Channel get close. The wind was getting stronger by the minute. I heard footsteps and dogs on leashes.
“We’ve got to move quickly, we are almost there. It sounds like there are about twelve people, two dogs.” Reagan said.
By listening to our surroundings, Reagan and I can tell about how many people are near us, if we were alone. In crowded placed we could not tell because it’s just noisy everywhere. When we are alone together, or even if we had a few friends with us, we could almost tell the exact amount of people when we are all quiet. The footsteps got closer and closer…
“Watch out!” was all I heard before an arrow whizzed inches past my head and hit the tree in front of me. I turned around and saw a very small army pursuing us. The guy who had the crossbow aimed it towards my head once again. As he was pulling the trigger my hand was releasing a knife from its grasp. The knife hit him in the belly and he shot the arrow at the ground. As I was doing that, Reagan stabbed one guy in the chest. The men did not move after that. I saw ten people and two dogs.
A man with a sword came from my right. Charging at me, I could see the anger in his face. I drew my sword to block his first blow. He clearly didn’t know how to use a sword, so for the first few attacks I was letting him think he was actually doing well against me. As our swords collided I punched him in the face with my right hand and then kicked him in the stomach. He stumbled back and fell to the ground, falling into a large fire ant pile. And to all of my luck, he was allergic to fire ants. Another man attacked me from my blind side. I rolled in the direction behind me to my right and threw a knife at the back of his head.
Reagan was fighting two swordsmen. One of the men got behind her, and was ready to strike her back. But, as Reagan is a lot smarter than that, she grabbed the person in front of her and threw him behind her so that he was stabbed by his own teammate. Reagan then snapped the other guy’s neck. There were six men and two dogs.
A dog appeared out of nowhere and snapped his jaw at Reagan. She dodged the attack and kicked the dog’s spine. I watched her release a knife from her hand to hit the dog. Hearing it cry out in pain made me sad. I loved animals so much. But not enough to let it kill me is what I thought when the second dog jumped at me. I sliced up and got the dog in the face. It collapsed to the ground as if collapsing in a bed after a tiring day.
A man was coming from my right side as another man was coming from my left. I threw one knife to each side and hit them both in the hearts. Reagan was in a similar situation and threw her last two knifes at two of the guys who were after her. Two men left.
The last two men where going after Reagan. I ran towards my friend and her pursuers. If I didn’t help her she would probably die. These last two guys looked good; very good. Drawing my last knife I threw it at the guy who attacked first. The man got hit square in the eye and fell to the ground dead. The last guy attacked as well, and I blocked his heavy blow against her and punched him in the stomach. Reagan, her fists clenched with vengeance, punched him in the face, and together we stabbed him in the stomach.
We were tired. We were beaten up. We were ready to be away from here. The English Channel was nearby and we were being waited on so we could cross. The first thing on both of our minds was to rest, but we couldn’t stop now. Not at our current state.
“Are you alright?” I asked as we started walking south again.
“Yes I am fine. I am just very tired.”
“I bet. Those guys were tough. Best I have seen all week.”
“You said it.”
Reagan pointed at my stomach, “How is the baby?”
“I’m just glad I’ve only been pregnant for a few weeks. It would have been hard to roll on the ground with a round stomach.”
We were ready to collapse into a bed. Our legs were like noodles that have already been chopped up and eaten. The forest sounds were dying and the sound of the waves got louder and louder. It surprised me that it only took about five minutes to get to the English Channel. I looked to my left and then on my right I saw a boat sitting there. Reagan’s husband, Charles, was standing on the shore, staring at us. Reagan smiled and waved, and she ran into his arms after not seeing him for five months. She was crying. And she never cried.
“Hello Iris,” said Charles, “how are you?”
“I am fine. Thank you.”
“Are you two ready to cross? I have two mattresses below the deck.”
The sound of the word mattress woke us both up. We wanted to sleep on something decent, not on the ground or cold hard floor.
Reagan smiled. “C’mon Reagan, let’s go somewhere safe.”
We boarded the ship wondering what our lives would bring us to.