New Weekly Short Story Writing Challenge

I have decided to make some sort of writing challenge that I myself will participate in. I will have you – the viewers – send in a few topics that you think will be good to use for these challenges. I will then label them and draw them out of a basket or something; then whatever comes out that will be the weekly challenge.

A topic idea can be a few sentences, or just one word. Anything will do.

Then, whenever somebody participates, they will send in their story. I am not sure what I would do from there, but this is just something fun to do in your spare time. I may just make some tag that you will put your posts under. Comment if you have any ideas.

These “short stories” are good practices for writing. Whatever comes to your mind first should be what you write about. It’s basically something to help expand the creative side of your brain. I will make a minimum paragraph/word requirement so everyone has a goal to aim for when writing these stories.

Please Note: Anything inappropriate or extremely vulgar will not be counted. Also please refrain from spamming.


One thought on “New Weekly Short Story Writing Challenge

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