The Tales of Camellia

Book 1:

500 years after World War III, Camellia Rose lives in a world with no electricity. During the 500th year festival, Cam’s village is suddenly attacked by a group of strange men. In a twisted turn of events, Cam is knocked unconscious and her sister is taken from her along with a bunch of other children. With the help of her friends, Cam decides to go on an adventure to find her sister and to solve this kidnapping mystery. However, whilst in the middle of the adventure, Cam and friends discover a new plot that could affect the entire planet, and now the friends must make new friends while trying to figure out what to do about this worldwide plot.

That is the basic summary for the first book. I have yet to write the second and third summaries, but I want to worry about that when I actually get there.

The symbol below is the symbol of the “Kriegerin Brotherhood.” It is not exactly finished yet, cause it looks very easy to make. I am not very good at making things that look realistic, so that is going to take me a while. I can try to edit that every once in a while, but I may just have somebody else do it. Right below that is the Prophecy that these books are based on.

Kriegerin Brotherhood symbol


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