The Kriegerin Brotherhood Project

As of today, I am officially starting the Kriegerin Brotherhood series as my latest project. I will be posting something related to the series a few times a week, or at least try. I can not post everyday, because eventually I would just be giving away too much info about the series. Plus, for the first half of my project time I would be in school and such.

This project will last for about 15 years. Yes, that is a long time, but there will be a lot of books. This may take me longer if necessary.

I have started the first book of the Tales of Camellia Trilogy, but have not come up with an official title. So far, I think a good title will be Roses Beginning. Other options I have are, The Roses Dream and Blossom.

The Prophecy this trilogy is based on:

A Rose will blossom and will brighten the Blackened Age.

I got the titles from the prophecy, except for The Roses Dream, which represents Cam’s dream.

For the full title, it will have “the tales of Camellia,” plus the book’s title. So the full title for the first book would be, The Tales of Camellia and the Roses Beginning.

The second book might be titled, The Tales of Camellia and the Blade’s Secret, and the third book does not yet have a title.

I am doing this to become fully dedicated in my writing. I am excited about the future and am ready to be on the creative side of my brain.


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